What can I learn through Integrated curriculum play explorations?


  • I can see sound waves move water.
  • I can feel it through he speakers.
  • I can record my voice and listen to it.
  • I can see the picture of the anatomy of an ear.
  • I can explore various music instruments and their sounds.
  • I can work out sound differentials in the rocket ship.


  • I can play with air thrust from the Bernoulli Blower.
  • I can shoot balls and scarves from the Air Blower tubes.
  • I can explore the forces of air in the vortex tubes.
  • I can explore air flow at the air canon.
  • I can play with air bubbles in various density liquids in tubes.
  • I can play with bubbles in the little spa bath.
  • I can watch air bubbles in the fish tank.


  • I can have races with cars on the friction motion tracks.
  • I can have races with various weight distribution balls, rollers and tins on the ball run.
  • I can throw balls into a ball run.
  • I can watch vortexes in the air tubes.
  • I can watch a pendulum create patterns.
  • I can play with the Von Graff machine and watch the effects of static electricity.
  • I can build a circuit with batteries.


  • I can distinguish between darkness and light and fluorescent light.
  • I can build structures that reflect light.
  • I understand that convex and convergent mirrors distorts reflections of light and it has an effect on the image that I see.
  • I can play with coloured objects and see its effect on light reflections and shadows.
  • I can play with the coloured sphere and understand that it can change colours.
  • I can play with flash lights in a dark space to make light.
  • I build a solar vehicle and make it move in sun light.


  • I can sit at a table, focus on the teacher and follow their instructions.
  • I can work carefully and safely with materials.
  • I can name a test tube, use safety glasses and use a pipette.
  • I understand the terminology of flow, colour diffusions, density, emulsions and mixtures.
  • I understand the differences between gas, liquids and matter.
  • I can blow a bubble.
  • I understand the difference between oxygen and carbon dioxide.
  • I understand the differences between base and acids.


  • I can distinguish what is hot and cold by looking at the colours of a thermal camera image.
  • I can tell the difference in heat distribution of various objects that was in the freezer by looking at the thermal image.


  • I can build a skeleton and name the body parts.
  • I can match the x-rays on the body parts of the skeleton.
  • I can recognise a heart and open it and show you the veins and heart chambers.
  • I can recognise an eye and show you where the lens and the cornea and iris is.
  • I can recognise a mouth and teeth, an upper jaw and lower jaw.
  • I can show you how to brush teeth.
  • I can recognise a cell.


  • I can name various animals, birds, reptiles, sea creatures and insects.
  • I can explore where various animals, birds, reptiles and insects live (habitats) and what they eat.
  • I can look at seasonal changes in insects like Monarch butterflies and their life cycle.
  • I show you the ecosystem in, on and under a tree.
  • I can explore our native birds and reptiles.
  • I can name some dinosaurs and tell you if they are carnivores or herbivores.
  • I can sort differences in sharks, dolphins and whales.
  • I can look at adaptations of bird beaks and their food they eat.
  • I can explore fossils.


  • I understand and use the term ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’.
  • I understand sustainability and can ‘plant’ my own garden and ‘vegetable patch.’
  • I understand the need for conservation and the plight of Little Blue Penguins, Maui Dolphins and Green Leatherback Turtles.
  • I can distinguish differences between rocks and fossils.
  • I am aware of spirals in nature as described and looked at pictures that represent the Fibonacci code and Golden ratios.
  • I know the rain cycle song.
  • I understand how volcanoes, tsunami’s, cyclones, earthquakes and hurricanes work.


  • I can count, sort by size, colour, weight, length and width.
  • I can build towers.
  • I can do seriation of width, length height, and sizes with cylinders.
  • I can put fractions together in apples, spheres and squares.
  • I can name different three dimensional shapes.
  • I can build two and three dimensional structures with blocks.
  • I can do tessellation patterns.
  • I understand symmetry and can build my own patterns.
  • I can do problem solving .
  • I can measure and pour accurately, plan and set goals, analyse outcomes and make a hypothesis that I can test repeatedly until I manage to find the answer I am looking for.


  • I can produce sound, melodies, recognise familiar tunes and respond to singing.
  • I can dance, hop and skip to a beat.
  • I can draw, paint, make collages, use glue, scissors and different materials to create something I like.
  • I can use recycled wood, boxes plastic and other materials to create something new, artistic or useful.
  • I can use clay and other natural resources to be creative.


  • I can use the Note Pad correctly to watch a video, make a video, do research and plan activities.
  • I can use blocks and other recycled resources to construct new objects or resources.
  • I can use scissors safely.
  • I can activate various switches to manipulate resources and activities.
  • I can solve problems and be creative in finding solutions.
  • I can be innovative.
  • I can use the microscope and screen correctly.
  • I can use a hot glue gun safely.
  • I can use Bee Bot the Robot correctly by coding in messages.
  • I can use thermodynamics to explore warmth and coldness
  • With support I can use electronics.
  • I can create landscapes and learn about topography.


  • I can make choices to decide what I like to play with.
  • I can use my senses to explore my environment.
  • I can use my perceptions to make assumptions, estimations and predictions.
  • I can take time to explore what I want to know more about.
  • I can participate in dramatic play of real life situations.
  • I can socialise and interact with others.
  • I have the ability to learn new words, phrases, terminology, systems, theories and ideas.
  • I can be creative and innovative because I now understand how something I explored work.
  • I am curious and interested in new activities, resources and experiments.
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