Play group

  • Children and their families are welcome to join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays anytime from 9:30 to 1pm for our Playgroup mornings. No large school groups are booked for these mornings.
  • Enrolment forms at the front desk.
  • Regular weekly attendance required
  • Cost: only $5 per child, adult free. Ministry of Education subsidises your child with $1.51 per child.
  • We engage in a range of open-ended, play-based activities mostly linked to science, technology, engineering, arts and crafts, and maths (STEAM) activities.

We encourage all children to engage in age and stage appropriate individual chemistry experiments and terminology every session. We enjoy music and movement, arts and crafts and joyful chats with like minded adults. We usually all come together for Morning tea or lunch and have lively discussions in the kai room.

Organise a party

For a truly fun and memorable activity-based party then the Children's Science Playroom is tops!

  • To book during public open hours:
    normal costs apply and you can use the Kai lounge for free as you are unable to book it exclusively. We have noticed that people normally respect your privacy for a while to do your celebration.
  • For the exclusive use of our facility for parties, coffee groups, family, and business parties for adults with children:
    the facility can be rent out for $150 per hour. $50 deposit needed.
  • Bookings essential for all parties.
  • Most popular time: Sunday from 2:00 pm onwards. We are closed on Saturdays.
  • We can be booked out exclusively for the day by a large group.
  • Caterers are welcome.
  • No alcoholic drinks in the facility.
  • We do not provide any food.
  • We have a hot drink facility with free coffees, teas and hot chocolate for you.


Regular visitors may buy a Club Card for $50 that can be used for 10 visits within the family. One stamp per family member per visit.

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