Health and Safety

  • No one will be allowed inside the facility with any runny nose, flu symptoms or cough.
  • We limit numbers according to requirements.
  • The facility is about 400m2.
  • We have special temperatures settings that need to be maintained for safety.
  • People are welcome to wear face masks but have to make sure not to take them off and leave them on the premises.
  • Absolutely no sharing of food or food utensils.
  • Free hot drinks and space to sit down for a morning tea available on the premises, please keep your distance, wash hands regularly and stay safe.
  • Please respect the safety bubble of others by not stepping into their play spaces or display areas.
  • Wait until they are finished before stepping in to play.
  • Please reset the areas after you finished play so it is inviting and encouraging for the next person to enjoy.
  • If it needs cleaning, Disinfectant sprays and wipes are available.
  • After each play session, we have a stringent disinfecting and sanitisation procedure in place.
  • We ask your tracking details at the front desk just in case we do need to contact you.
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