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We also cater for Playgroups

Babies and toddlers

Soft play, curious sounds and textures in a range of fun, open-ended sensory activities that challenges fine motor, gross motor and problem-solving skills. Our area is set up with little spaces to crawl and explore and spaces for comfortable breast feeding, chats with others and social interactions.


Fun science exploration activities have links to real life activities. It offers an interactive displays that encourages you to touch and manipulate resources and find out how it works. All our displays are linked to some science theory or principle that encourages curiosity, is novel and invites playful social interactions.

Primary Students

Our open-ended play based displays invites engagement. Your play can get as complex as you want it to be with the various science resources. We have prompting questions and comments, books and notebooks available for further investigations.


We have a seamless and integrated curriculum approach from Te Whaariki and NZ Curriculum. We cover all the main areas of learning and these play-based displays are most suitable for Junior Primary students.

Our large range of applied science activities are mostly custom made from recycled and other materials. We encourage everyone to be a kaitiaki of the land by creating an awareness of sustainability, ecosystems and the need to respect each other, living creatures and nature.

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